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NB Натиснення на картинку веде на першоджерело. Що сподобалося, те й увійшло. Порядок фото у пості - випадковий і нічим не обумовлений. Підписи під картинками – з відповідного джерела. Історичні фото Центрально-Східної Європи шукайте на Фейсбуці.


02. A soldier says goodbye as he is shipped out in preparation for the war. New York, 1917



05. Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, Winston Churchill, on his way to the Houses of Parliament, London, 1905

06. The Milkyway over Chile

07. Smiling Grizzly by Milo Burcham

08. Kenny Baker and one of his most iconic costumes

09. An American mortar team bombard Japanese positions around Lashio, railhead of the old ‘Burma Road’.

10. National Guard of Ukraine.


12. Ronald and Edith Tolkien

13. British sniper showing off his camouflage in Normandy. July 27, 1944.

14. Pier Angeli


16. The Valkyrie’s Vigil (1906) ~ by Edward Robert Hughes

17. National Guard of Ukraine.

18. Churchill’s desk, with items including his spectacles, a cast of his mother’s hand and a bust of Napoleon

19. The Airship, “La Republique” passing the Eiffel tower in Paris circa 1908.

20. Rome Villa Borghese, Children Watching Pulcinella, 1953, Tazio Secchiaroli. Italian (1925 - 1998)

21. Run across the bridge on the river Tisza. Hungary.

22. Margaret Thatcher looks on as Diana Spencer walks down the aisle, accompanied by Lord Spencer, on July 29, 1981

23. Love on the Seine. Paris. 1957. Photographer: Willy Ronis

24. Children with goggles and homemade masks to protect them from dust on their way to school during the “Dirty Thirties”, Lakin, Kansas, 1935


Дякую усім, хто дякує | Спасибо всем, кто благодарит

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